…The Webmistress

My name is Kate Oden and I live in central New Hampshire, USA. I first fell for gardening while living in Germany, where, on every train trip I took to a new city, I saw huge areas on the urban outskirts devoted to small, well-tended garden plots, and where my closest friend made growing vegetables and herbs her de facto religion.

I returned to the U.S. with a film-canister of seeds from this same friend, and began gardening as a very literal way of establishing roots — or, in this case, reestablishing roots around my former hometown. Since then, I’ve found that growing my own food is immensely satisfying and sustaining, not to mention enough study material for a lifetime, which really appeals to my inner (and outer?) nerd.

Small Green Garden started as a way of extending my favorite past-time throughout the Northern winter months. I find myself constantly scheming up new small-space garden plans and DIY projects, and a Website/forum/blog seemed like a good way of scratching that itch. “Less space, more salad” has become the motto for my own kitchen garden plans, since I’ve learned that I like eating fresh-from-the-garden salad greens more than showy tomatoes, and growing them is usually more straightforward. I’ve also got the hunch that, with a toddler, it’s just not going to be possible to trundle across town to maintain a big garden everyday, and I’d rather grow more vegetables closer-at-hand, on our own balcony.

If other gardeners become interested enough to share their own small-space gardening ideas, I figure I’ll be that much happier.

…Keeping in Touch

There are a couple ways of staying up-to-speed with various parts of Small Green Garden, so here’s a quick run-down of them.

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And, of course, you can email me anytime at kate (at) smallgreengarden.com.