Plan Your Plot: Free Demo of GardenCAD Software

I’ll reiterate the “free” part, because that’s what grabbed my attention. What’s free: A nice demo version of GardenCAD — design software meant for professional landscape designers, but why should they have all the fun? You can customize the built-in plant symbols and use the drawing tools to plan your next container vegetable garden. The demo version will allow you to save your work upon closing, and you can print plans, too.

Right after I downloaded the demo, I started using it to mock up my next balcony garden. If you (like me) have limited/no experience using CAD programs, it takes some getting used to. Try the tutorial, or at least check out the GardenCAD quick-start video on YouTube (!).

Very fun (at least when you’re trapped indoors by arctic weather). In the next couple weeks I’ll be uploading some of the small-space garden plans I’ve created.

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  1. keith west

    Hi, glad you are enjoying GardenCAD. We are its authors. Your comment above is not quite correct. You can save your work, just save on exit [the pro version alows you to save as you go]. We would love you to send us some samples of your container designs.
    Keith West & John McIver – programmers from down under

  2. Kate

    Thanks so much, Keith, I just edited the original post. I’ll design and share plans with everyone soon!

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