Books for Small Space Gardening

The newest small-space gardeners have some great reads in store for them: Freshly published gardening guides that speak to a younger population, including DIY projects for the budget-conscious and the amateur artist alike, seasonal recipes, and creative garden designs for tight spaces.

Gardeners with some growing seasons behind them will get a kick out of rediscovering older works — repositories of time-tested, organic means of pest-control, disease management, and fertilization, useful plant combinations, and intensive gardening methods. Read them from cover to cover, or use the index as your treasure map.

In partnership with Powell’s Books, Small Green Garden has picked a diverse group of titles for the resourceful, small-space gardener. We regularly switch it up, so if you have something in particular you’d like to see on our bookshelf, tell us about it!

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Designing the New Kitchen Garden: An American Potager Handbook

Designing the New Kitchen Garden


“Throughout the book you’ll find many easily made, charming garden structures, from blanching devices for rhubarb to wonderful tepees and wattle fencing. I can’t wait to use them all in my own garden. Nearly every one of the chapters made me desperate to rush outside and get busy. I read this 222-page, information-packed book in one sitting.” Oregonian

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Flowerpot Farming: Creating Your Own Urban Kitchen Garden

Flowerpot Farming: Creating Your Own Urban Kitchen Garden

From the Publisher:

Join the Flowerpot farming revolution! You don’t need acres of land or even a big garden to enjoy your very own home-grown, fresh garden produce. The balcony, backyard, patio or even the doorstep can all be turned over to vegetable production. Flowerpot Farming shows you how to create an orchard on the patio, grow new season potatoes out of gags and offers a continuous source of seasonal vegetables throughout the year. This resourceful and informative reference book details all you will need to know to turn your slabs of concrete into your very own grocery store. With plenty of advice on soil preparation, tools, maintenance, the best seeds, the best planting times and plenty more, this book will encourage everyone to get started in ‘flowerpot farming’ Good Life Press

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