Compost Envy: NatureMill In-Home Composter, $199

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an inconsistent composter, just because my family and I have yet to agree on a suitable in-home composting method for our condo. Looking at it this morning, it sure sounds like the NatureMill Classic composter would take care of several potential problems: it promises to be odor-free, for example, and so would be suitable for indoors — especially where space is at a premium, because it’s very compact.

It does use electricity, so it’s in the same vein as an AeroGarden or PowerPlant compact hydroponic unit — which is to say, weigh what you’ll be putting into it against what you’ll get out of it, and decide if it’s worthwhile for you. The electricity usage does sound like it’s minimal.

Honestly, I think I’ll try vermi-composting first*, but the Naturemill is just the kind of in-kitchen or balcony composter I would buy if I were living with a couple of roommates who wanted to split the cost. If you’re game, NatureMill is currently offering a Web exclusive of $199 on the stripped-down, “Classic” unit.

*…Because commercial worm bins are usually cheaper and, actually, fairly simple to construct; because neither a lot of worms nor a little odor makes me squeamish; and because I’m fairly certain I could keep the bin in the storage area downstairs, to satisfy my fiancé, who’s a little more reticent; and, finally, because it wouldn’t require a lick of electricity.

4 Responses to “Compost Envy: NatureMill In-Home Composter, $199”

  1. loving it

    I am absolutely loving my naturemill! It is a great machine. Read all the review of the other composting options and you will see that the review all point to limitations such as no meat, not for cold weather, etc. Naturemill has none of these restrictions. ONly it doesn’t take bones. Other than that naturemill eats away just about anything. I strongly recommend Naturemill as the best reviewed product for composting on this planet.

  2. roboboy

    We have one at the office. We read the reviews on other indoor composting systems like works and bokashi but they did not seem like something we could use effectively at our office. At first the naturemill took some getting used to in order to separate food from other things like paper plates and coffee filters which don’t compost. Once you learn the ins and outs it is very simple to operate. Once a month our office manager empties it. It smells like wheat or like sourdough bread. One of our employees takes it home for her garden and apparently her plants love it.

  3. great composter

    We are very pleased with our Naturemill. I was a little hesitant at first because it is quite a bit of reading to get it set up right the first time – which all the reviews say is very important so that you don’t have any problems. But if you follow the instructions you will have no problem with naturemill just like every review says. We do not have any trash really any more because our Naturemill pretty much eats up all of our kitchen trash except for the plastic wrappers and bottles and cans which we try to recycle.

  4. Jackson

    I urge anyone reading this, not to ever consider buying this piece of garbage “so called composter”. This whole thing is a scam. My compster has never worked and they do not support the product at all. They refuse to talk to you unless you carry your composter serial number wherever you go. My composter leaks some sort of toxic juice all over my kitchen floor and has never worked. This product and this company are the worst. They ripped my off for $400 don’t let the same thing happen to you.

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