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Greenhouse Life: It’s Not the Ritz, But…

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

…room, board, and charming lighting will be provided. The air is chill this evening, snow has been sighted, and it was time to treat those seed flats to a little something extra. It’s not much, but a strategically placed string of Christmas lights and a plain cotton sheet is all I have to inspire them, at this point. (Works in college, right?)

I suspect that the real challenge the seedlings will face, however, is not so much cold as wildly fluctuating temperatures. The greenhouse easily warms to 70 degrees F in its four-plus hours of direct sunlight, but rapidly cools to near outside temps as soon as dusk hits — a 35 degree difference, on average. Here’s hoping the radishes, mache, and other greens will rise to meet the challenge.

The moisture level, on the other hand, seems more consistent. This evening marked the first time in days that I’ve had to treat the as-yet-barren seed flat to some warm water. And then it was off to bed with ‘em. Early to bed and early to rise always go hand-in-hand, don’t they? Sprout, litte effers, sprout.